Since their arrival in the UK, Oxygenetix foundations have taken the beauty world by storm. Everyone from customers to bloggers, make-up artists to beauty journalists, have fallen head over heels for this high coverage breathable formula so if you want to learn more about this industry favourite, here are ten things you need to know about Oxygenetix.


#1 They use an Aloe Vera base instead of Water. Most foundations use water as their base ingredient but although pure and generally non-irritating, water can attract bacteria so Oxygenetix switched this out for an Aloe Vera gel instead. Extremely gentle and calming on irritated skin, Aloe Vera also possesses anti-bacterial properties which keep the number of blemish-causing microbes on the surface of the skin to a minimum.

#2 There is a shade to suit everyone. Oxygenetix have made sure that their foundations are available in a wide range of shades from the very pale to the very dark. Such a large selection of shades might sound difficult to navigate but Oxygenetix have cleverly split their range into two categories. One features all the blue based colours (for those with light skins with cool undertones) and the other features all the yellow based colours (for those with medium to dark skins with warm undertones), making choosing the perfect shade quick and easy.

#3 The star ingredient is Ceravitae Complex. A patent-pending formula that is designed to increase the skin’s oxygen uptake which in turn stimulates healthy cell production and helps the skin to heal and repair itself at a faster rate. This ingredient is what makes the Oxygenetix foundations so effective for damaged post-procedure skins but this oxygen-boosting ability can also help to keep dull skin looking fresh and blemish-prone complexions free from congestion.

#4 The Acne Control version contains 2% Salicylic Acid. This alternative to the original contains a high concentration of this ingredient to further purify and care for problematic skin. The rest of the formula is pretty much identical but if you want something a little more corrective then the Acne Control foundation is the one for you.

#5 They provide amazing coverage but feel weightless. Most high coverage foundations tend to feel uncomfortable and mask-like when worn for long periods of time but the beauty of the Oxygenetix foundations is that their high pigment payoff is coupled with an ultra-light liquid texture so they feel almost completely weightless on the skin, like you aren’t even wearing make-up at all.

#6 Make-up artists love them. From the set of GLEE to backstage at London Fashion Week, the Oxygenetix foundations are an essential in any make-up artists’ kit thanks to their wide shade range (perfect for a number of different models and actors), their blendability (less time in the make-up chair) and long-lasting formula (which holds up even under strong studio lights).

#7 They don’t dehydrate the skin or dry matte. Another common misconception of high coverage foundations is that they will dry matte and have a chalky texture that clings to dry patches. The Oxygenetix formula is designed to support the lipid barrier so the skin can hold onto more moisture than it loses plus the finish is natural and healthy which is neither too shiny nor too flat. Your skin just looks like skin only better.

#8 They are great for animal lovers. By that we mean Oxygenetix foundations are cruelty-free (they are never tested on animals) and their formulas are vegan-friendly (meaning they don’t use any ingredients derived from animals).

#9 The gentle formula works for everyone. Yes, any skin type can use Oxygenetix foundations and love the results. From very dry, eczema-prone skins to sensitive post-procedure skin and oily, blemish-prone complexions, these high coverage formulas can hide and disguise a wide variety of skin sins from scarring to hyperpigmentation.

#10 The formula is truly breathable so you can even wear it to the gym! If you hate going bare-faced, Oxygenetix foundations are so lightweight and flexible (they mesh to the skin so they move with it instead of locking in place) that they can be worn to the gym, to the beach and even to bed although we wouldn’t recommend this last one!

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